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About CAE

CAE stands for Certificate in Advanced English. Its an advanced English language test for both written and spoken English administered by Cambridge ESOL. CAE is at level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Trans Globe has been the first Institution in the region to initiate with the CAE Examination Tutoring. We are providing individual practices and coaching to prospective students. Our CAE Faculties have been trained by the examination conducting bodies and are equipped with the most updated practice materials.

Benefits of taking CAE

CAE is ideal for people who want to use English for study or work. Employers and academic institutions all over the world recognize CAE as a qualification in English at an advanced level. It can be used to secure admission to an English speaking academic institution. It is conducted by both paper & computer bases.

CAE exams are a good way to improve your practical English skills. CAE focuses on communication in real-life through reading, writing, listening and speaking helping you to use English in everyday situations more confidently.

Format of the CAE test

There are five papers for the CAE test:


You will have one hour and 15 minutes to answer 34 questions on six different texts. You will be required to answer questions on a variety of different text types, such as newspaper articles, magazine articles, journals, books (fiction and non-fiction) and promotional and informational materials such as, brochures and advertisements.


You will have one hour and 30 minutes to write two pieces of about 180 - 260 words each. You will need to demonstrate the ability to write different text types, such as letters, reports, essays, articles and proposals.

Use of English

You will have one hour to answer 50 questions. You will be required to answer questions to demonstrate your understanding of English grammar and vocabulary.


You will have 40 minutes to answer 30 questions. You will be required to demonstrate the ability to understand spoken English in a variety of different situations, such as speeches, talks, lectures, interviews, discussions and radio broadcasts.


The speaking part of the test lasts for 15 minutes. You will take your speaking test with two other candidates. You will be required to give short answers to some questions and to speak for one minute by yourself. You will also discuss topics or materials such as pictures or a listening text as part of the group and also by yourself.

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