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10 tips to understand your child’s psychology better

Raising a child is a daunting and a challenging task. As a parent, understanding the basic child psychology is the most crucial thing to learn. It is helpful in nurturing your child and shaping their thoughts as they grow older. Children behave differently and in their growing age, they constantly look for confidantes in their parents that can understand their personality without any judgements. The importance of child psychology is quite evident and as a parent, there are basic tips you can use to understand your child better:

Be their Best Friend, Be their confidante: As mentioned before, you need to shed the wall of being a ‘parent’ and rather assume the role of a friend so that your children are more comfortable talking and discussing things that in their mind. This also means your children will believe that you are there for them always. 

Know them well: Just knowing the likes and dislikes of your child can help you know them better and how they think and what they want. 

Observe: Never neglect small behavioural actions of your children. Observe how they interact with others, how they play and how they react to a certain situation. Your child’s mind is very curious, hence, you need to know you feed them with the rightful answers through your observations. 

Appreciate: When your kids do good work, never hesitate to appreciate them. This can boost their self-esteem. But draw a line as to over appreciation and pointless praises can result in arrogant behaviour. 

Spend time with them: No matter how busy you are, you need to take out time to do something meaningful with your child. Just being around isn’t enough. Play intellectual games with them, teach them cleaning work, and teach them basic moral values. 

Listen and talk: As an adult, you may not feel very interested in listening to your kids talk about random things. But listening to them, encouraging them to speak to you, listening to their rants and questions can help you form a strong bond with them. They will also get to know that you are genuinely interested in their lives. Also, speaking to your child about their interests can allow them to open up to you and share things with you. 

Respect them: Understanding your kids and being sensitive towards them will lead to them opening up to you. When you show that you respect them regardless of how old they are, they develop an immense sense of self-esteem and confidence. 

Know why they behave the way they do: An important advice to parents is to never jump to conclusions when your child behaves a certain way. Try to do in the depth of it and understand where that behaviour is coming from. 

Explain: For the first few years of their lives, you kids will abide by the rules you make for them. But as they grow older, they will develop their own thought process and go through many changes both physically and emotionally and your job here is to explain why they need to take decisions for them. Maybe, at the time they may not understand but eventually, they will. 

Let them use their imagination: As we mentioned, a child’s mind is curious and full of questions and thoughts that are innovative. Never curb his curiosity and allow him to just be. It can actually help you explore his inner world. 

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