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5 things to remember when making statement of purpose

College education is very important to succeed in any career. And if the college does not belong to the best colleges, there might be no value for your degree. Admission in such colleges depend on various factors, the most important one is being, the statement of purpose. Most senior year students dread this part of college applications where they need to write an essay and choose a viable topic as well.

Today, fortunately there are services that assists in preparing the SOP for students seeking overseas studies. Trans Globe Edu, the leading overseas education consultant in Rajkot is one such company. To know more following points will give you an insight on the things to keep in mind while writing a statement of purpose:

1 Write stories: Would you prefer reading a novel or a newspaper when given a choice? The consensus would be choosing a novel. Do you know why? Because a novel tells you a story which might be personal while a newspaper gives you news for face due to information with attractive headlines.  The human mind often gets attached two personal stories rather than latent statements. The best way is to make your statement of purpose stand out would be to tell the story with the strong narrative with sets you are apart from the other 5000 odd applications.

2 Make it short and crisp: The previous statement might confuse you a little since novels are not short but have intricate details but every little thing.  The story that you are about to write should have the details similar to the novel but it should remain short and crisp.  Try to include numbers the marketing search in milestone events.  In a sea of letters, numbers 10 to jump out and make you notice the concern sentence.

3 Try to be specific: do not try to impress the admissions’ committee by giving fabricated answers. There is a good chance that people in the committee have been doing this for a long time and thus have come across a lot of applications, out of which they can differentiate between the truth and false statements.  Do not give a General answer for any question like, “I have chosen the subject because I love it”, be more specific like, “AV to take up the subject and during time I have become pretty skilled at it.  I want to gain more knowledge and thereby apply this knowledge for the betterment of people around me”.

4 Customization is the key: Do not follow a basic template from an essay that your cousin or your older sister were using while applying to colleges earlier. It is also advisable to come up with different essays for different universities and not stick to a single prototype where you just put in the name of the university and the subjects you want to pursue.  Universe set of characteristics, be it the vision, motto, values, and culture.  Does college applications and especially the statement of purpose should incorporate the various external factors that might influence you during your stay.

5 Your problems should be addressed: The statement of purpose is not only the certification of all the good skills that you have, but it should also possess all the areas that you need to work on and how the university will help you in doing so.  Try to be honest and take ownership of your faults

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