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Advantages of a foreign degree

Employers view students with foreign degree favorablyas their college curriculum is believed to be more in sync with the needs of the industry. “While most Indian institutes fail to reinforce the relationship of the course with the job, foreign universities focus on providing a skill set to the students,” says Kanika Marwah, Director of University Options, an education counseling service. For example, the University of Warwick offers a course called MORSE (Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics), which prepares students in four different disciplines, thereby increasing the employability of the student because of the skills the course has provided.

In addition to having the ability to solve real-world problems, foreign-educated students show better communication skills and critical thinking ability and typically have better subject knowledge, assets that are increasingly valued by most companies. “Typically a foreign degree adds certain skills to a candidate in terms of their confidence, ability to adapt and have a global perspective,” says Mr. Ganesh Kohli, IC3 Conference Chair.

Most importantly, they are considered to be job ready, which helps company to cut down costs otherwise they would spend on training a new recruit. “Skills that are gained through part-time work are extremely valuable and reflect the pro-activeness of the student,” says Karyn Kent, CEO of StudyAdelaide. All these positive traits are likely to boost work opportunities in India for foreign-degree folders.

Professional degrees awarded by foreign universities which also entitle the student to practice a profession in India in disciplines such as medicine, nursing, pharmacy, law and architecture are given equivalence by the respective professional councils,” says an AIU official.2

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