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Class 12 Students: What Next after Board Exams?

At each milestone in our lives, we ask ourselves, “What now?” The transition from 12th standard to college is probably the most important in one’s life where students get the real taste of adulthood and the responsibilities that come with it. After 12th boards, you are at threshold to the world of higher education and with a plethora of courses to choose from, it is crucial to choose the course that suits your eligibility, interests, and has sufficient scope in the market. Here, we present some top career options for you based on your fields of science, commerce and arts.

Science: The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) field is one of the most evolutionary fields where students get to make a difference in large ways to humankind. This field covers so many fascinating career disciplines, so before you make the decision to get into science, you should firstly discover what it’s really all about. There are many mainstream engineering fields such as mechanical and civil but other fields such as Bachelor of Engineering in aerospace engineering, biomedical engineering, and environmental engineering are some of the niche fields with a high demand in our current global scenario. Even in information technology, there are diverse dub-fields from which you can choose your careers such as those of information systems, data science, and networking and security apart from software and web development. Within the field of Bachelor of Science, you have various branches of materials science, biochemistry, geoscience and microbiology which have good pay scales upon graduation. Science is a very wide domain and it has some of the most exciting, interesting and significant careers.

Commerce: Having taken commerce in your grade 12 allows you to choose amongst a versatile range of courses that paves way for many career choices. First of all, it’s important to understand that commerce is not just a field for students who think they cannot score well in science. Today students are proactively opting for this field because of its relevancy to understand commercial markets, management and principles of doing rightful business. Some of the most demanding and interesting careers in commerce are Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Finance, Bachelor of Accountancy, Bachelor of Business in Digital Marketing and Bachelor of International Business. Be it a professional course or a degree course, as a commerce graduate, it is essential to be aware of the basic concepts of economics, business, accountancy and mathematics in your 12thas they always aid you in your further education in this domain of study.

Arts and Humanities: For all the creative minds that studied arts in standard 12 have the liberty to choose a course that ranges in various frameworks such as designing, fine arts, liberal arts, media and communication, performing arts, and philosophy. For a long time, arts and humanities have been undermined compared to other fields of study. However, degree is arts have gained recognition as they help students think critically, express themselves and analyze unique ways of how we experience the world. Some interesting fields in arts and humanities are Bachelor of Fine Arts (Applied Arts, Film Making, and Painting and Drawing), Bachelor of Arts in Humanities and Social Sciences (Political Science, Sociology, History and Economics), Bachelor of Design (Fashion Design, Interior Design, and Product Design), Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication, and Bachelor of Arts in Animation.

While there are numerous courses under one branch, it is often confusing to choose a career that fulfills all your requisites. There are numerous universities globally that provide some of the most unique curriculum in these courses. From your research about where to pursue this course and which university would be the best fit for you; Transglobe will provide you with career guidance on all your questions. With our services, we ensure that you can pursue quality education with the utmost self-assurance and confidence.



34) Brexit, Immigration and Laws- What they mean for Indian Students to study in the UK


Due to the open environment of the European Union, UK’s world-leading universities gained a great deal of being a part of the EU, but with Brexit on way, it suffices to say that the universities will have a major impact on the student intake and the financial income. However, there is definitely some good news for the Indian students that want to study in the UK as they are most likely to be benefitted from the new immigration and student policy after the UK exits the European Union. If you are confused as to what is the future of international students in the UK; particularly Indian students; consider the following points of the effect of Brexit on Indian students studying in the UK:

UK’s leading universities are likely to recruit many overseas students; particularly from countries like China and India to offset the financial challenges that will pertain post-Brexit. Till now the EU students were given preferential treatment but in the wake of Brexit, the non-EU foreign students will stand equal opportunities and benefits. Indian students will have better opportunities to get into prestigious universities in the UK due to the new set of immigration policies that will favor the non-EU foreign students. As the UK Universities are known globally for providing high-quality education, high-class infrastructure and teaching, and research policies, this would be a good opportunity for Indian students looking for a fulfilling international experience.

According to the new immigration rules, it is also possible for international students to stay back in the UK for six months after their course completion so that they can look for employment options in the meantime. Previously, students only had a four-month time period in between. This will open up new doors for job prospects for Indian students in the UK after Brexit. According to the Economic Times, a group of 23 universities has already granted permission to permit foreign students to stay for six months after graduation to find work.

The UK has also increased the limit on the number of visas issued per year for skilled professionals from India who are seeking to work in research-related activities in the UK. Indian students will be competing on merit rather than their nationality and it is a good chance for them to showcase their abilities to get into top institutes.

Indian students can also take solace in the fact that UK Universities are lobbying their two-year extension of visas after studies. This has helped the UK in reclaiming its position as one of the top destinations for studies for Indian students. For years, Indians were the second-largest international student population in Britain after China. However, owing to the lack of vocational opportunities and abolishment of post-study work visas, the numbers dwindled; declining 26% between 2013 and 2017. This is bound to change now that the post-study work visas are again made available to Indian graduates.

Without any doubt, Brexit will have global implications, but the Brexit impact on international students is definitely a positive one. For Indian students willing to study in the UK, now is the best time to act on your thoughts and we at Transglobe will help you achieve your dreams. If you also have any pending queries on Brexit India immigration, student visas for the UK, and work opportunities post your studies, you can contact us and we can provide you with assistance for the same

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