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Australia is not just a tourists’ paradise but a strong force to reckon with in higher education as well. The past decade has seen a significant rise in the number of Asian students heading to Australia for higher studies with a special focus on engineering. With a strong focus on research and job-oriented course-training engineering courses in Australia are comparatively less expensive than similar courses in the USA or the UK.

Australia offers education experience that makes a real difference. The engineering colleges in Australia encourage engineers to be more creative, innovative and think independently. Engineering in Australia offers specialized Bachelor Degrees, Graduate Certificates, Postgraduate Diplomas, Masters, Professional Doctorates and PhD’s to students across the globe.

Australian educated engineers can be found working everywhere in today’s globalized community. This is especially true of South and South-East Asia, where large numbers of engineers who have studied in Australia will be found, many now at very senior positions in industry, or in government, with some of them having their own companies.

Overall Australia has approximately 300 first degree graduates in engineering per million population. When compared internationally Australia has more engineering graduates per million than the Germany, USA, Sweden and India.

As per the latest QS World University Rankings for engineering studies; the top three institutions to study engineering in Australia are:

  • The University of Melbourne – ranked 32nd  in the world
  • The University of New South Wales – ranked 33rd in the world
  • The University of Queensland – ranked 47th in the world

Benefits of doing Engineering from Australia

  • Engineering universities in Australian lay equal emphasis on theoretical as well as practical learning
  • Be it mechanical, agricultural, aerospace, electronics or even chemical, Australian universities offer a wide range of engineering courses to students across the globe
  • Excellent employment prospects await students who study engineering in Australia
  • Both Graduates and Post – Graduates have to undergo internship that provide international students with the opportunity to gain industry insights of various industries.
  • Wide range of engineering courses
    Whether it’s civil, mechanical, electrical, electronics, telecommunications, chemical, computer, mechatronic, materials, agricultural, marine, mining, petroleum, geological, industrial, aerospace, environmental or biomedical, Australia offers a huge range of engineering courses right across the country. This gives you the opportunity to specialise in the field of your choice. There are also more hands-on Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses on offer, which will qualify you for engineering associate or engineering technologist positions and can act as a pathway into university. If you’re already working as an engineer, Australian institutions also offer a range of postgraduate programs in engineering (such as the Master of Business Administration specialising in engineering), which will enable you to take the next step in your career.

Career Options:

International students can work part-time for up to forty hours every fortnight during semester and work full-time during the semester-break. Students get jobs in supermarkets, restaurants, sales and tele-marketing and in junior clerical roles as part-time jobs. On completion of their engineering studies, students can proceed to teach, participate in research or find jobs in industries as varied as telecommunications and petroleum to shipping and construction. The computer-boom of the past decade has led to a huge shortage in qualified engineers in other vocations like mechanical, automobile and civil engineering. There is a huge demand for these engineers and qualified engineers with good work ethics are paid well.

Excellent employment prospects

Australia is currently experiencing a widespread shortage of engineers, especially in states that are experiencing the highest growth in mining and resources — Western Australia and Queensland. This high demand for graduates means that international students studying engineering have strong prospects of gaining employment in Australia. International graduates are vital to meeting Australia’s engineering skills shortage, with skilled migrant engineers accounting for more than half of the supply of newly qualified engineers in the Australian workforce, according to ANET figures. Engineering graduates working in Australia can also expect to earn high salaries. According to The Good Universities Guide 2013, recent engineering graduates, on average, earned $60,705 — one of the highest salaries of any field.

Opportunities to migrate to Australia

The field of engineering is experiencing rapid growth in Australia. Because skilled migration is linked to Australia’s economic needs, international students who are qualified in engineering are considered a high priority for permanent residency visas. Graduates may choose to take up one of the following migration opportunities:

For more information, see Once you have finished your studies and Migrating to Australia.

Work experience opportunities

Work experience is a vital part of engineering courses in Australia, ensuring that graduates have the practical experience and skills required by employers in the workforce. Work experience may be completed through a ‘co-op’ course that includes a work placement at an Australian company or through other compulsory and voluntary internships. Also look out for the Engineers Australia Professional Year Program, which is a 12-month work experience program for international students that allows them to gain valuable experience in an Australian engineering company and increases their prospects of gaining permanent residency through Skill Select.

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