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How to Ace the Video Interview with the University Representative?

Given the current scenario and with the world being shrinking due to the global pandemic and technology rapidly advancing, video interviews have become quite common.Interview with the University representative has now become an inevitable part of the admission process. Whether you are a prospective student planning to go abroad, a recent graduate or an international student looking to obtain their next placement, acing your video interview is a must. 

It is very easy for students to get on their nerves and feel overwhelmed about the whole process. All you need to do is thoroughly prepare yourself for the interview and you’ll just be fine. Simply memorizing answers to a set of questions is not going to help. Thus, we have listed down a few tips that will help you ace your interview:

  1. Be Tech prepared : During the time of your interview, always be prepared. Make sure your devices are charged and you have great access to the network. It is good to be away from distractions. Give yourself time to get ready  and get comfortable so you come across as relaxed and confident as possible.
  2. Be enthusiastic and Greet them properly: It is advisable that you look and sound enthusiastic while appearing for your video interview. You need to properly convey them the enthusiasm for getting a chance to study abroad at thor reputed university.
  3. Give a right impression: It is important to look straight at the camera, so you are looking ‘at’ your interviewers, not ‘looking down’ or ‘looking up’. Dress formally and be aware of your body posture for your virtual interviews.
  4. Be Prepared: Your interviewers are going to ask you things like ‘Why is this particular programme so important to you?’ or ‘What are you looking forward to?’, Why This University? Or What are future goals. Make sure you have your pointers rady and b very well prepared. You should do your research beforehand.
  5. End it on a good note: It is always good to end the interview by appreciating the interviewees for their time. This will create a personal touch and leave a good lasting impression.

Above are the basic tips and strategies to ace your video interview with the University Representative. When you enroll with us at Trans Globe, our experts will guide you through the whole interview process. Counsellors at Trans Globe shall prepare you for the interview and even take mock interviews to familiarize yourself with the environment and the questions. Lastly, the more you prepare yourself, the better it is.

For any further enquiries on the admission process to study abroad, simply give us a call on 90993 63309.

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