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how to score 8 bands in ielts

The International English Language Testing System, more commonly known as IELTS is an English Language Proficiency test taken by students aspiring to study in an English speaking country. The exam is divided into four basic modules – Reading,Writing,Listening and Speaking. The exam is scored on a nine-bands scale, with each band corresponding to the level of competence in the English language. 


Here we present you with the 10 tips required to crack IELTS and achieve your desired scores:


  • Understand your test format: It is very essential to understand the format of the test completely. Since the exam assesses you on 4 parameters of Reading,Writing, Listening and Speaking;you must know the time duration allocated to each section. One should be very vigilant for the time taken to complete each section. 
  • Use the language in your daily life: For one to become familiar and comfortable with the English Language, the best way is to start using English in your daily life. Start reading, writing and speaking on a daily basis. Try reading newspapers and books as a part of your daily routine. Talk to a friend and practice with them even if you make mistakes. This shall make you more comfortable. 
  • Keep Practising: There is no better way to crack IELTS than to keep practising. Trans Globe IELTS coaching centre provides you with a set of in-house publication books. We expect students to complete each set of books.Appear for mock tests and discuss your doubts with our mentors. 
  • Listen Carefully: In the listening section of the exam, pay very careful attention. Do not stress out if you do not understand what the speaker is trying to say or if they are too fast..Focus precisely on what you are asked to do in completion type questions.
  • Reading: Be very vigilant while reading. Make reading a part of your daily routine and try to increase the speed of your reading. During the exam do not try to understand the precise meaning of every word or phrase. You don’t have time, and those parts of the text might not be tested anyway.
  • Stimulate your speaking test: Most speaking test interviews will require you to introduce yourself.  To get better at introducing yourself, prepare a self-describing two-minute speech. Try practising speaking with your friend or your parents. You should sound natural and friendly. 
  • Stick to the word limit : Keep an eye on the word limit for your writing tasks. Too few words will result in less marks. Also crossing the word limit shall result in penalties. Organize and link your ideas and sentences appropriately, using a wide range of language and showing your ability to discuss ideas and express opinions.
  • Time Management: Time plays a very crucial role in cracking IELTS. You need to be well informed with the format of the test and allocate time appropriately to each section. Skip the question you are not sure of but do not waste your time. 

Above are just the strategies and tips you need to keep in mind when appearing for your exams. But remember there is no substitute for hard work. Prepare well and we assure you that you will achieve your desired scores. If you are looking to start with your IELTS Coaching, speak to us now. Trans Globe’s certified and experienced trainers can guide you with all your enquiries.

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