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How to write a convinving SOP for studying in Universities abroad

A Statement of Purpose popularly known as SOP , plays a significant role while applying to Universities abroad. A SOP helps Universities to understand your interests and strengths and give a glimpse about your personality. It is very vital to have a strong SOP as it is basically a chance for you to convince the University as to why they should consider you. 

In this blog we shall talk about tips and strategies to make a strong SOP:

  1. Explain the rationale behind choosing to study abroad: You need to provide clarity to Universities as to why you have chosen to study abroad and not in your home country. As now more often than not studying abroad has become like a norm that every student just aspires to without having any clarity on why they really want to go abroad to study. Demonstrate your reasons and aspirations clearly. 
  2. Personal Background: Briefly describe your background, where you come from, the challenges that you faced along the way and how you overcame them. Keep in mind that this section should be extremely brief.
  3. Talk about your academic qualifications:Give demonstrative examples of academic brilliance or professional competence, instead of making vague statements. Highlight about the practical experiences and projects that show your competence in the subjects. Explain how all of that motivated you to take up advanced study in that field.
  4. Explain why you have chosen a particular University: Mention the distinctive features of the university that fit your requirements. Talk about how the university’s research centres/labs, events, clubs and subject areas/electives align with your study goals.Do your research on the rankings of that University,about the location and how it is convenient for you. Make sure to thoroughly research the university website to produce these details.
  5. Talk about your career plans: Let them know what are your long term career or academic goals and how you see the program is going to help you achieve those. If you manage to show some continuity in your choices, then universities generally prefer that as that you ensure you will be more motivated towards the particular course.You must be very specific as the SOP is all about providing specific information.
  6. Be Grammatically Correct: While writing a SOP, ensure that you are grammatically correct. If you are unsure, seek help from experts or your teachers. Therefore, once you have completed your SOP, go through it at least twice, thoroughly. This will leave a lasting impression on the reader. 

At Trans Globe, we help all our enrolled students to build a strong SOP for the concerned universities they are applying to. Our counsellors will guide you through the essentials of the SOP depending on the choice of your study destination.This will help you secure your admission in the University of your choice.For any further queries, call us on +91 90993 63309.

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