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How WES Evaluation can help you to get US Visa for Higher Studies?

There are thousands of students in India who seek to study in the USA and Canada for higher studies and plan to make career ahead in the country. However, in recent time the process to gain US visa has become quite difficult in terms of documentation and other things. Fortunately, World Education Service (WES) a non-profit organization helps international students in pursuing higher studies in USA and in Canada as well. The role of WES is to evaluate the credentials of students who have not pursued primary education in these countries and converts student’s credentials to equivalent degree acceptable in their country. Presently, WES is the leading institute that works on giving credential evaluation for students. WES evaluation is certainly the best way of evaluation of degree equivalency in the USA or Canada.

About WES-

Founded in 1974, WES runs with the goal of helping international students and professionals. For more than 45 years, the organization has worked hard in the field of international mobility with credential, research, and on-going support. Till date, the organization has helped millions of students in getting into these countries. The organization through its tools wants students to get complete assistance during the process. iGPA Calculator, Degree Equivalency, Scholarship Finder, and other such tools are available.

About WES Evaluation-

WES Evaluation which is also called as Credential Evaluation is basically a comparison of academic achievements back in the country meeting the standard of US or Canada. There are three steps followed under WES Evaluation-

  1. Identifying and Describing the credentials
  2. Verifying your credentials are authentic
  3. Include Grade Point Average (GPA)

The WES after all the process will create the report and send the receipt within 7 business working days. You need to provide right documents mentioned by the experts. Any documents missing can delay the entire process.

Who needs WES Evaluation?

Students who are keen on seeking education in the USA and Canada will get benefit with the WES evaluation. If you have completed your degree in any of the country except US or Canada can undergo this WES evaluation. Students need to complete the degree course from recognized universities to get better opportunities further.

Best Time to undergo WES Evaluation-

Students keen to study in USA for higher education should go for this evaluation as early as possible. The process is quick and hassle free. If you have no idea about the process and approaching WES, then Trans Globe, the best overseas education specialist in Rajkot will provide necessary assistance.

How to apply for WES Evaluation?

The WES Evaluation process can be done online. There are two kinds of evaluation done; the first one is- Document-by-Document evaluation that includes degree equivalency only. A Document-by-Document evaluation is a general evaluation that often satisfies requirements for employment and immigration, but may not be sufficient for college admission, licensing, certification, or government employment. Secondly, Course-by-Course evaluation identifies and describes each of your credentials. It contains: A US semester credit and grade equivalent for each course on grade point average (GPA) on a 4.0 scale and a designation of the level (upper or lower) of each undergraduate course.

The cost of WES evaluation depends on what type you are going for, generally it is around 160 USD.

Connecting through Experts-

Trans Globe, holding 25+ years of excellence in overseas education offers complete assistance in WES evaluation. From application process to further steps of seeking admission, Trans Globe helps students to shape up the career in brighter way.

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