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IELTS Writing Test tips

The Writing component of the IELTS exam is designed to assess how well one can write, organise ideas and use a range of vocabulary and grammar accurately. Our expert coaching team is here to help you deliver your best and will provide you with all necessary tips and strategies to get the best results. The IELTS Writing Test module varies depending on whether you are appearing for IELTS General or IELTS Academic. 

The writing tasks consist of two tasks;allowing you 60 minutes to complete both tasks. The first task is a report writing whereby you are required to write around 150 words. Task two requires you to write an essay for around 250-280 words. Generally students are advised to spend around 20 minutes on task 1 and remaining 40 minutes on task 2. 

Most students consider the IELTS Writing test as one of the biggest hurdles in achieving their desired scores despite thorough practice tests. Below are few tips and strategies by our certified coaches to help you ace the exams:


  1. Read the questions and instructions carefully : For all IELTS tasks, it is very essential you read the questions and instructions carefully. Make sure you know what you are asked and what you write for. Manier times students write essays, however, forget to address the question. This will result in a lower score so avoid making such mistakes.
  2. Organize your ideas: It is very essential you present your ideas clearly to the examiner. Make sure you use paragraphs to divide arguments and topics while writing. Have a structured writing and link your ideas to one another so it’s easier to understand and read.
  3. Vocabulary and Grammar: To score well in the writing task, one must use a wide range of vocabulary. You score points for using correct sentence structure and strong vocabulary accurately. 
  4. Time Management : Make sure you adhere to the time given to complete the task. Spend not more than 20 minutes on task one of writing and have enough time to complete task two. The examiner looks for quality and not quantity. Do not write too little or too much and adhere to the word limit. 
  5. Practice: The best way to score well in the writing task is to keep practicing. At the Trans Globe IELTS Coaching centre, our coaching faculties will give you ample mock tests before your exam. Use a variety of practice examples, and try completing it within the given time. Also you can keep reading articles and newspapers to improve your vocabulary.


Timed tests can be challenging, however, with the right guidance and practice, students tend to score really well. With several years of experience of coaching students, our coaching experts have helped thousands of test-takers to achieve their desired scores.Trans Globe is the best ielts coaching institute in the region. Our team of experts with over a decade of experience has also published “IN HOUSE set of books” specifically for IELTS examination. 

So if you are looking for more help with the IELTS exam, visit us at your nearest Trans Globe office or book yourself a virtual appointment with our experts. You can contact us on +91 90993 63309 for any further enquiries. 


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