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IELTS Writing – Tips and Strategies to score well in Writing Task.

In spite of months practice and hard work, students always fail to score in Writing Module in IELTS. There have been students who can do well in Listening, Reading and Speaking. But when it comes to writing they score low bands. One of the most challenging aspects of IELTS writing which students find is the introduction and conclusions in task 2 in writing module. So friends here are some strategies which will prove beneficial to start and end your essay.

Golden Rules

  1. Make sure you understand and answer the question well to achieve good scores in Task Achievement.
  2. Either summarizes or restates your position in the essay, skillfully manage paragraphing, logically organize information and ideas, and use cohesive devices effectively.
  3. Address the task well, try to cover all key features and use acceptable format.
  4. Do not use new information in the concluding paragraph and always aim for 2/3 sentences.

Conceiving Ideas and presenting it is the most important task to score well.

  1. Make sure you answer the question as it is asked. For example, if the question asks you “to what extent”, make sure your conclusion says how much you agree.
  2. Balance your introduction and conclusion – using the sandwich technique.
  3. Vary your vocabulary: do not repeat the language of your introduction or the question word.
  4. Do not try and include too much information: state your position and choose your best argument for or against. Do not use examples to state your argument.

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