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Impact of Cultural Shock on International Student


International Students embark on a great adventure while studying abroad. They aspire to expand both their academic knowledge and fulfill their dream of staying in a different country. Studying abroad does come with a lot of benefits but that doesn’t always mean it is going to be an easy ride ahead. 

When you study abroad, your daily routine, culture, and the attitudes of people around you will be different and no longer familiar as those of your home country. The process of recognizing, understanding, and adapting to these changes is called culture shock. It is very common among International students to experience cultural shock and here are few tips to help you prepare for it:


  • Get acquainted with the language: Language can often be a barrier while studying abroad. Communicating with natives can be a bit frustrating. It is best to get involved in your local community as much as possible and gradually you will become familiar.


  • Learn about your new host country – Read through travel forums, guidebooks, news reports,meet new people at your university and try to get yourself acquainted with the things around you.Ask your study abroad coordinator for the advice and you shall be good to go.


  • Get Involved – Universities have many clubs and societies that you can join. These are great places to take up an activity or hobby that you have always wanted to, or to continue with one you left back home. Not only that, but here you can also meet a new set of friends. Because groups and societies are open to every student at the university, you will encounter people from other courses run by the university that you would not normally have the opportunity to meet.Meeting new friends, socialising, and taking part in new activities should help to keep you too busy to feel lonely and homesick.


  • Food – You may find that the food in the country you’re studying in is not to your taste. Often the types of cuisine you’ve become accustomed to for breakfast, lunch and dinner won’t be the same in other parts of the world. Allow yourself some time and be open to trying new cuisines. Get yourself out of your comfort zone.


  • Learn to take care of yourself – If you previously lived with your family you may not be accustomed to living on your own and having to perform all the duties that are required, such as washing, cooking and cleaning. You can prepare for this by practising before you move abroad for your studies.It is good to realize that you would need to look after yourself.


Study abroad isn’t all weekend getaways and fun adventures. It is going to be a  challenge, an introduction to a new culture, and an emotional roller coaster at times. However, it’s one worth taking. We promise that it will all be worth it at the end. Our counsellors at Trans Globe have been international students themselves and thus bring you very genuine and transparent advice. If you are looking to achieve your study abroad dreams, we at Trans Globe are here to make your dreams a reality. We are a one stop solution for all your study abroad needs. Contact us on +91 90993 63309 to enquire further. 

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