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Is Studying Abroad Despite COVID-19 worth it?

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the study abroad plans of millions of students worldwide. Most of the favoured educational destinations such as the USA, UK, Australia, Canada and NewZealand have also been severely impacted due to the COVID-19. However, there are students who are still aspiring to study at a foreign university. The question arises whether students should still consider overseas education and what are foreign universities doing to support international students amidst the pandemic.  

One of the key reasons that international students should still consider studying abroad is due to better career prospects. In the worst case scenario, job possibilities and immigration pathways may be limited during the global crisis, but things will go back to the normal in the near future. Employers are likely to prefer those with overseas education and those who have a global perspective. Secondly, be it online or in-person programmer, studying at a foregin university tends to contribute to your personal developments and exposes you to new academic learning opportunities.

The universities abroad are also struck hard with the covid-19 pandemic. However, they have adopted various measures to attract more international students and meet their evolving needs. Universities have suspended the mass lectures and are adopting the online learning methods.  Here are the few ways overseas institutions are supporting international students and aspiring them to continue with their study abroad plans:


  • Fee Waivers: Many universities have started to provide fee waivers and monetary support for international students. Quite a few Australian Universities are offering great scholarships upto 20%-30% of the entire tuition fees of the programme including to those who study online. 


  • Provisional Admissions: Along with counselling, scholarships and special concessions for international students, several universities in the United Kingdom are accepting online copies of degree certificates as producing the original copies could be a difficult task now. The universities have started accepting a number of online proficiency English tests considering the inability to appear for IELTS.


  • Universities in the US are focusing more on providing an online learning environment that is on par with in-class learning. A number of  universities are pushing towards helping study abroad aspirants thorough employer workshops, career services, recruitment events, virtual networking events and so on.

Thus, if you are still dreaming of studying abroad, we recommend that you stick to the plan. It is difficult to forecast as to when the pandemic will end and the travel restrictions will be eased. It is in the students’ interest s to continue with the application process and stick to their current plan of action. Many foreign universities have extended their application window for international students, giving them enough time to decide on whether studying abroad now is the most viable option for them. Alternatively, students can choose to defer their study options. Studying online might help deal with the financial stress but it might also take away the opportunity of experiencing a completely different adventure. Hence, deferring admission could be a smart decision for a few.

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