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MBA in International Business vs. MBA in Marketing: Detailed Comparison

A business course like MBA is wide with numerous concentrations that can facilitate the students to specialize in their specific field of interest. Within the realm of MBA, there are specializations such as Marketing and Sales, Production, Finance, International Marketing, Human Resource, Supply Chain Management, and Operations Management and likewise. Two of the most confusing choice for students is between choosing to do MBA international business vs. Marketing.

Each specialization of MBA has its set of advantages and here we help you make your decision amongst these two specializations and the benefits and scope you will have of the same upon your completion. To choose the field, you first need to understand where your interest lies. And to get a better understanding of your interests, we have compared the degrees of masters in International business vs. masters in Marketing based on the skill sets required, the scope of the job, salaries provided and some jobs opportunities upon its completion:


International Business


Subjects to study and Curriculum

International Economics

International Business Law

International Finance and Management

International Human Resource Management

Intercultural Communication

Advertising Management

Consumer Behavior

Integrated Marketing Communications

Social Media Marketing

Digital Marketing

Strategic Marketing

International Marketing

Job Titles and Career Paths

International Business Development Manager

Foreign Policy Advisor

International Production Manager

International Trade Advisor

Import-Export Manager

International Customs Manager

Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Specialist

Advertising Manager

Brand Manager

Media Planner

Customer Relation Manager

Marketing Executive

Social Media Marketing Manager

Scope and Places to Work

Import-Export Firms

Multinational Organizations

Shipping Companies

Aviation Companies

Multinational Banks

Multinational Production and Manufacturing Firms

Advertising Firms

Marketing Consulting Firms

Multinational Companies

Digital marketing Companies

IT Companies

Retail Firms


Interest and ability to learn and speak a foreign language

Analytical Skills

Interests in global economy

Sensitive about global cultures and strong negotiation skills

Creative and Innovative thinking abilities

Strong Knowledge of marketing strategies and exceptional communication skills

Strong Negotiation and persuasion skills

Critical Thinking

Your financial benefits upon your course completion are dependent on various factors such as the reputation of your B-School, your location of the job, your course results and finally your personal traits and qualities as a respective professional of marketing and international business field. On an average, starting salary for MBA in International business graduates range from INR 5 lakhs per annum to INR 7 lakhs per annum and salary for MBA in marketing graduates range from INR 3 lakhs per annum to INR 6 lakhs per annum.

To conclude things for you, it is evident that both these fields differ in terms of the skill requirements and it falls upon you to identify your strengths and also understand where you see yourself working in the future. As for salary, both fields have good pay-scale but if you want to witness growth and incentives, you need to prove yourself to be a good performer. If you need additional information on the benefits of doing MBA in international business or marketing and searching right universities with good recognition, you can always contact us at Transglobe and we will be happy to assist you. The purpose of an MBA degree is to open up your horizons and increase the odds of having a good career in this era of globalization. Ultimately, it is you that need to work hard with persistence and strive to become better in your respective field.



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