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Studying Abroad is truly a life changing experience. It leads you to a path of promising future, better opportunities, making life-long connections and leading to personal growth. However, students should be aware that moving to a foregin country is not going to be a simple feat, but involves a lot of challenges when one decides on pursuing an education overseas. Thus, one must seek the guidance and assistance from an Overseas Education Consultant. 

With the growing number of students wanting to go abroad, the role of overseas education consultant has become significant. Overseas Education Consultant generally have extensive knowledge of the prospects of studying abroad, the universities, the courses and the application procedure.

Incepted in 1992, Trans Globe is  one of the oldest and trusted Education Consultancy in Gujarat. It is directly authorised and represents universities abroad to help students study in an English speaking nation.  Trans Globe partners with universities and institutions in Australia, USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Dubai, Singapore and certain European nations. With the Head Office being located in Rajkot, Trans Globe is located in several other cities such as Ahmedabad, Surat,Jamanagar, Junagadh, Kalol and Anand. Not only that, the company also has a Global Office based in Melbourne., Australia. 

Here are the few reasons as to why it is important to approach an Overseas Education consultant while planning to study abroad:


  • Assessment of your profile :  Overseas Education Consultant often helps you assess your profile based on your previous academic results, work-experience and interest. At Trans Globe we often do on-spot assessment of your profile to help you further with country and course selection.


  • Course and University Guidance: Based on the assessment of your profile, a good counsellor reckons the country that matches your profile. At Trans Globe we aim at giving you a clear picture on the courses available, the universities you can apply to, the eligibility criteria and career prospects after completing the course. 


  • Application: Once the student decides and confirms on the study destination, an overseas education consultant, helps you with applying to the universities and obtaining your conditional offer letters. At Trans Globe, our experts are certified counsellors and also have been international students themselves hence they know the students’ dilemma on abroad education.  Counsellors will help you apply for your selected course and universities and shall also inform you about the right time of making the application. 


  • Financial Advice : Often financial aspects can terrify and prove to be an hindrance to prospective students’ dream of studying abroad. At Trans Globe, you will be able to get a transparent picture of all the fees and expenses associated with studying at a particular university in the selected destination. 
  • Visa Procedures: Getting the visa is where most of the students face challenges. A good overseas education consultant will help you with the complete documentation before lodging your file. At Trans Globe,  our Visa Team is equipped with the most experienced advisers and we assist students and parents by genuine regulations and according to the visa requirements of each country. We will help you complete documentation, providing you with a checklist of the documents required prior so you have ample of time to have them on hand and even prepare you for any interview. 
  • Pre-Departure Services: An overseas education consultant often assists you with providing pre-departure briefings. At Trans Globe bring the real picture and guide thoroughly for all the required details and proceedings pertaining to the student onset at the new horizon. You will get the opportunity to meet the students going in the same intake and also we will introduce you to students who went to your selected destination in our prior intakes. 

The ultimate goal of a reputed overseas education consultant is to ensure your plan to study abroad is successful and we at Transglobe will guide you on each of these steps. Get in contact with us to know more about how you can study abroad.

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