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PTE Test

Pearson Test of English is a computerized English proficiency test that assesses your speaking, writing, listening and reading abilities.All prospective students wanting to study in an English speaking nation such as Australia or Canada, are required to appear for this examination.

One of the main reasons why this test has gained popularity over a short period of time is its availability. That is, one can book a PTE exam over 360 days of the year and there are about 250 test centres across the globe. Moreover, PTE Test results are available within 5 business days.

Strategic planning and preparation is very much needed to score well in the PTE Exams. Here are the few tips and strategies drafted by our experts to help you achieve your desired scores.



  1. Adjust the microphone properly at the start of the test. Check whether you are able to hear your voice clearly. 
  2. Speak clearly and do not shout. Avoid speaking very fast and you must continue at a normal pace. Vary your tone and pitch accordingly. 
  3. Stress on the word that carries significant context to the paragraph, Focus on the punctuation to help you choose which points should you pause and change your intonation. 
  4. For “Repeat the Sentence”; try to copy the speaker’s intonation and listen to those very brief moments where he pauses to introduce new information. 
  5. For “describe an image” practice more on how to interpret a graph. Write a structured and logical description in this section.



  1. Check your grammar and word count always. The essay should be between 200 to 300 words and the Summary sentence should be only one sentence and between 50 to 70 words.
  2. Always check for spelling errors. Such small mistakes can make you lose points. 
  3. Try and use at least 10 complex and powerful words in your essay just to showcase your vocabulary.



  1. Always read the questions before going to the passage as this will let you know what to read for.
  2. Follow the scanning and skimming strategies to understand the main idea and content and it will give you an idea on what you need to search for. 
  3. For Re-Order paragraphs, look for the main idea of the paragraph which becomes the first sentence of the arrangement. 
  4. Concentrate on the tenses while reading the PTE for fill in the blanks. 
  5. Always check the time of the screen. This is going to help you manage your time. 



  1. While listening to the audio for Multiple choice questions, take notes of the main and supporting ideas as you listen to the audio.
  2. Always focus on writing the key words and not entire sentences. 
  3. For Multiple choice multiple answers, after listening to the recording, try to use the process of elimination. Eliminate all answer choices that are completely wrong. 
  4. Be very attentive and listen intently. Try practicing listening to various audio tapes in different accents and practice writing down. 

For PTE, each module is kind of interconnected, so practice equally for each module. At Trans Globe our faculties have 15+ years of experience in training students for such competitive tests. So if you looking to study overseas and need to appear for PTE, meet our faculties at Trans Globe. We not only provided one to one coaching but also flexibility with the timings of the class. Call us on 90993 63309 to enquire further. 

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