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Regional Australia

Australia still remains as one of the top choices for studying abroad by many international students. You may also imagine yourself as studying in one of the iconic cities such Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane. However, you must know that Australian Government encourages International students to even consider “Regional Australia” to live and study and offers various added advantages.

If you live and study in one of the designated Regional Australia, you do get extra points for immigration point test and might increase your chance for securing permanent residency in Australia. With the recent changes introduced in November 2019 by the Australian Government, you will have increased points for Regional state Nomination and also additional years on your post graduate work permit.

In this blog, we shall discuss few benefits of studying and living in Regional Australia:

  Lifestyle: The regional areas offer a very relaxing lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. Just imagine going for a walk with your friends in the spare time between your classes Some of the regional cities are cosmopolitan as well so you will find similar facilities and recreation that the big cities offer you.

Speciality Courses Offered: Campuses in the regional areas offer a wide variety of disciplines depending on the strength of the local area. They also offer a wide range of trade and vocational courses that might be of interest for many students.

Affordable Living: If you compare the living cost in a regional areas to that of metro cities like Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane, you can cut down the cost almost by 20-30% in the regional areas.

Migration Opportunities: If you are thinking about post study work settlement options; living and studying in the regional areas also contribute to additional points towards your permanent residency. Not only will it give you extra five points but also an additional year of work permit for your post study graduate visa.   

Great academic atmosphere: Most regional universities are famous for the beauty of its natural environment. From tropical rainforests to white sandy beaches, rolling hills, red deserts and the iconic ‘bush’, Australia really does have it all. Regional universities are the best places to experience Australia’s natural environment.    

At Trans Globe we guide students on the basis of their choice of course and university. However, we do recommend students to study in regional Australia due to the added benefits. 

Most students considering Australia as their next study destination will generally choose the big cities like Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney but regional cities offer many opportunities for International students. Ballarat, Perth, Hobart, Gold Coast, Canberra, Adelaide, Darwin, Townsville or Byron Bay are now considered regional areas. Speak to the counsellor at Trans Globe today and discover more. Call us on +91 90993 63309 or book a virtual counselling today.

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