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Study and Settle in Canada

Canada is considered to be one the top favourite countries for International Students.The country has seen a surge of international students’ since last few years due to a high-quality education and endless opportunities it offers. Being a home to some of the world’s prestigious universities and a safe study environment, it attracts thousands of immigrants every year.  The overseas students are also considered as the potential workforce to fill the skill gaps across various industries in Canada.

Almost every student who applies to study in Canada also dreams of settling down in the country for a better future. However, there are certain eligibility criteria that you need to abide by to stay in the country. Mostly all students take up a post-study work permit once they complete their graduation. Graduates in Canada are allowed to work anywhere in the country for upto three years. This is a great opportunity for them to build up their network and learn about the pathways of obtaining a permanent residency. 

Canada’s permanent immigration programs are specifically designed for those who will easily integrate into the Canadian life and also have demonstrated the ability to live in Canada. The basic requirement for applying a permanent residency are:

  • Education Credential Assessment
  • Sufficient Funds to support the application
  • English Proficiency Test (Generally a score of 7-7-7-8 is required in ielts)
  • Identification Documents
  • Points are also awarded for work experience in Canada
  • Students who graduate in Canada get a little bonus in the CRS scoring system, as well, receiving up to 30 bonus CRS points in addition to the points received for the level of education in its own right.

The above requirements differ from the pathway you apply your residency through. The main driver for economic immigration is the Express Entry system, through which IRCC manages the selection of new permanent residents on a priority basis.There are three types of express entries:

  • Canadian Experience Class: This is mainly for immigrants who hold  a recent work experience in Canada in the skilled occupation.
  • Federal Skilled Workers Class: This is for candidates who have graduated in Canada and also have been working in Canada. They need to have a minimum of 67 points to be eligible, however,these points can keep changing from time to time. 
  • Federal Skilled Trade Class: This for candidates who are qualified tradesperson and have a full time offer of employment from two Canadian employers. 

Apart from the above mentioned pathways,provinces are also able to nominate people for permanent residency through their Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). To get to know more about how to study and stay in canada, please contact our counsellors at Trans Globe.

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