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Study Computer Science – University of Alabama at Birmingham

The University of Alabama at Birmingham was founded in 1969 and has been a pioneer in the world of education since then. The university has a nationally recognized health centre and is the biggest research institute in the State of Alabama. UAB’s $602M in research funding and more than 7000 graduate students participating in research, it definitely means it’s huge. As a student at UAB, you will get to work on your own project and with the university’s corporate partners. University focuses on helping students build professional relationships with future employers. 

Computer Science is a multifaceted field that covers a wide range of topics. At one end Computer Science deals with theoretical capabilities of computers and algorithms. Whereas on the other end, it focuses on construction of systems and application software.So if a student is getting started with Computer Science or diving deeper into the industry, University of Alabama has courses and programs designed to match your comfort level and interests. 

Our experts at Trans Globe have listed down some strong reasons as to why you study Computer Science at University of Alabama at Birmingham:

  1. At UAB, the students have the opportunity to work on real cybersecurity projects with their faculty. UAB’s students have been in the news for tracking down a hacker attempting to breach private data. 
  2. The university has well-funded research facilities that focus on most demanding areas of computer science such as cybersecurity, cybersecurity infrastructure, big data analytics and biomedical applications.
  3. The interdisciplinary research connects computer scientists , forensic scientists and social scientists alongside other researchers and faculty from business, engineering and health professionals. 
  4. UAB is one of the nine universities who has partnered with Facebook to train the next generation of cybersecurity professionals. 
  5. UAB Computer Science Alumni have almost 100% employment rate and continue to have progressive and successful careers. 


Below are the few graduate programs available at UAB:

  • International Year One in Computer Science
  • BA in Computer Science 
  • BS in Computer Science 
  • BS in Bioinformatics 
  • BS in Digital Forensics 


The United States is definitely at the forefront of technology, research and innovation and is also considered to be one of the best study abroad destinations for Indian students. Most US Universities including University of Alabama at Birmingham are equipped with the best equipment and resources for their students.While studying here, you will be exposed to advanced technology and if you are fortunate enough you may get to study from a leading scholar in your chosen field. 

Thus,if you are a student inclined to the field of Computer Science, we are here to help. Speak to our experts counsellors who can guide you as to why studying at UAB could be an added advantage for your career progression. At Trans Globe, our counsellors will guide you starting from applying to universities in the USA, the scholarships available for undergraduate courses in the USA, cost involved for studying in the USA and the visa procedures. We provided all services under one roof and have the highest student visa ratio.

Being in the industry for the past 28 years, Trans Globe is an overseas education consultant that  works solely on the principle of “Students’ Interest First” and serves the community of students to achieve their dream of studying abroad. So call us on +91 90993 63309 for all further guidance.

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