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Tips for moving to an international university for the first time

Now that you are all set to visit the road that is less traveled by. The pavement to taking proactive steps is necessary when you are in a country other than your own.

Let’s set the ball rolling and know how you can understand things to be remembered. TransGlobe is one of the Overseas Education Consultants in Gujarat and we list down a couple of things that you should definitely be organised with before jumping off the cliff.

  1. Do your proper research!

You can go for a pre-visit with your parents/guardian before you get committed to relocating. Know your accommodation and its nearest options such as the supermarkets, the university location, etc.

  1. Create networks!

Be social and make new connections so that you don’t isolate yourself for the first few months. Certain contacts will help you in the future when you get relocated. If you have some private contacts, then it’ll be easy for you to build more connections and find everything in the vicinity. Seek out for local groups on social media networks and meet with new people when you arrive in the country.

  1. Linguistics is the key!

It is important to learn the language of the country where you’re going to move to. Simple gestures like Thank you, Greetings, can be sweet and don’t hurt anybody! If you’re aware of the language of the country, then even if you’re lost, you will be able to find by asking any random person. It can make a lot of difference.

Best of luck for the new step in your life! Enjoy the journey while you adapt to the new environment. Perhaps, it is the cycle of experiencing life. For any queries, you may contact us at 9099363309.

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