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Top 5 Emerging Careers In India For Youngsters

It is really amazing, the number of options that are opening to explore at the world level in all the aspects of professional life. India, as it continues to grow and develop, it has promised the youth a lot of opportunities for a bright future with numerous careers which the young Indians can pursue leading them to great success and a promising future. If one wishes, he or she has equal opportunities in order to create history and make a difference to the world by making a contribution in various fields.

Being a teenager, you must be having a lot of questions in terms of what to pursue as your career path and where should you pursue it from considering the various options available in India as well as abroad. We understand that and hence, we at Trans Globe are back here to help you with a few possible options of pursuing your higher education and career from overseas and coming back to India shining like a star in the available opportunities.

In this article, we plan to list down a few most upcoming careers in India which you can choose to pursue. Starting with the fastest-growing field, Tech field, you might want to become a Blockchain developer. Blockchain developers are expected to build and optimize blockchain protocols and design the network system of establishing a successful blockchain in applications and websites. Being a blockchain developer, you are expected to be hired in information technology industries, the financial service industry as well as hospital and health care tech sectors.

Artificial Intelligence specialist is another intriguing field which you might want to pursue if you are inclined towards the tech field. As the name suggests, the person who pursues this field is expected to help the machines to learn and know about the environment and design their program accordingly, keeping in mind every little loophole so that the machine can take autonomous action and require less supervision.

Talking about the business and management field, the position of growth manager is the hottest new job that you can manage to get. The job role is simple. Business growth. Basically, incorporation of growth hacking techniques in the day to day business to increase the buyers of the products or services and help in business growth.  marketing and advertising, financial services, food, and beverages are a few specific sectors where you can imagine to get your dream job.

This leads us to one more career option which opens up, customer success specialist. Again, as the name suggests, customer success specialists are supposed to deal with the client’s requirements and their follow-ups. Following to which they are expected to design a plan which shall help the organization to meet the researched consumer needs. Being a customer success specialist, you shall be eligible to apply in almost all the sectors.

Well, in the world of growing technology, how can we forget the robots? Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking about Robotics engineering. Robotics engineers work behind the scenes to design and build automation software.

Top industries hiring for this role:

Information technology and services, computer software, automotive, industrial automation, electrical and electronic manufacturing.

There are ample amounts of options that you can pursue in terms of your career options and in order to know more about it and opportunities that you will be getting once you return to India after pursuing your degree from abroad are boundless! Overseas education creates new doors for you altogether rather than just opening the closed ones. We shall be more than happy to address your queries about the possible career options. Connect with Trans Globe now!

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