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Top Universities for Studying Computer Science in the UK

Computer Science has become a popular choice of study since the past few decades and rightfully so since the need for skilled technology professionals is just the beginning. The UK has been instrumental in the development of computing and it continues to deliver ground-breaking innovations that make its universities at the forefront of computer science courses.

If you’re wondering why study computer science in the UK, you should know that the opportunities to study in the UK are endless and its universities are known to provide excellent teaching and, therefore, are ranked consistently in the top universities of the world. Computer Science graduates can avail of various opportunities as System Analysts, Software Developers, Software Consultants, Systems Programmer, and Software Manager. If you are planning to study abroad in the UK for computer science, check out the top universities offering courses in this domain:

University of Oxford:

Ranked fourth globally according to the QS World University Ranking 2020, Oxford University offers the best computer science program in the UK. The university scores are high on all aspects of Employer reputation, academic reputation, and research citations. It offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in computer science.

University of Cambridge:

The University of Cambridge is rated high in employer reputation indicator according to the QS World University Ranking and it is ranked seventh globally. Its courses offer students with a mixture of both theory and practical skills. On the bachelor’s level it offers a BA Honors degree in computer science which is a three-year study program, but an additional year can allow students to get a Master of Engineering degree as well.

Imperial College London:

A three-year course in Computer Science in imperial college is offered through Bachelor of Engineering Computing and it also provides various specializations in its master’s degree such as MEng Computing in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Software Engineering, and Security and reliability.

University of St. Andrews:

If you’re looking for bachelors in computer science in UK, check out the undergraduate programs at St. Andrews such as BSc in Computer Science, MSci Computer Science (Gateway) and on the postgraduate level it offers MSc in Advanced Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Data-Intensive Analysis, Software Engineering, and Information Technology.

University of Edinburgh:

Undergraduate computer science students can enroll for specialized computing programs at the University of Edinburgh such as Artificial Intelligence, Management Science, and Mathematics. It also offers an MSc program in Computer Science. The University of Edinburgh is very reputed for its research outputs; hence, students can look forward to very research and practical oriented study exposure.

University of Manchester:

The University of Manchester is ranked in the top 100 for computer science studies according to the QS World University Rankings. One essential feature of this university is the number of choices offered to students which can allow them to choose modules that reflect their interests. It offers BSc courses with and without industrial experience and it also offers integrated courses for five years in software engineering and computer systems engineering. It also offers masters courses in Advance Computer Science and IT Management with multiple specializations.

As these are some of the top universities in UK, they have high entry requirements and also have high competition. There are other universities in UK that have good computer science courses as well and these include the University of Nottingham, University of Warwick, Loughborough University, and University of Bristol that students can consider. For further assistance as to how to apply, check your eligibility and how to go through with the process, our counselors at Transglobe are always at your service.



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