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Want to score high in SAT- Consider these things

SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) is an exam conducted by universities to assess the student’s reading ability before giving them admission. Students can re-appear 7 times for SAT in a year- March, May, June, August, October, November, and December. However, the right date of appearing for this exam depends on your preparation level and other aspects of the exam.

There are different subjects which SAT test subjects cover-

  • Reading ability

  • Writing and Language

  • Math

  • Essay

It is important to know different syllabus and subjects covered so it will be easy for you to study.

Essential tips to follow before you appear for the SAT exam

  • Take Proper Coaching-

Taking up coaching is the best way to prepare for an entrance exam. Trans Globe Education, the leading overseas education consultant in Rajkot offers to coach for the SAT exam. During the coaching, you will get an insight into every subject and exam appearing strategies. Mock tests are conducted to help in preparing for the exam.

  • Rely on Strategies-

It is important to rely majorly on the strategies while preparing for the SAT test. Coaching expert will give you some tips on preparing for every subject, especially math with no calculator. These strategies can really help in appearing for the test.

  • Evidence-Based Writing-

In this section, you will need to decide if the passage can be improved by making changes in words, punctuation, and grammar. Overall, this section will test your English fluency level. Therefore, it is important to have proper English and Essay learning session.

  • Math- Multiple Choice Questions-

In this, you will be given reference information, but you will need to know how to use them. Here you can use a calculator, but will not be much use unless you know how to approach the problems. In case, you are stuck, try substituting a number for variables. Always start with middle number to get the right calculation.

  • Evidence-Based Writing- Multiple Choice Question-

In SAT, there are three types- Improving sentence task where you will need to select the correct version. Then there are the Sentence Error questions to figure out which sentence contains an error. Then there is Improving Paragraphs to test your ability to organize and clarify information. It is important to think about the simplest and clear way to express ideas.

Bottom Line-

Right from Math to Essay preparation, you need to be mentally prepared. This is why seeking coaching from professionals like Tans Globe Education will really work in getting a high score on the SAT test.

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