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Western Sydney University – Scholarships for 2021-2022

Western Sydney University, a renowned Australian University based in the greater western region of Sydney, Australia. It is top ranked university in Australia for international students and its globally recognised for its research strengths and teaching innovations. 

The university is offering some generous scholarships for all its international students for the year 2021 and 2022. The below table highlights the range of scholarships available for international students:

Scholarship$3,000 multi-year$6,000 multi-yearVice-Chancellor 50% multi-year
BachelorYes – all commencing students qualify for this scholarship
(normally based on academic merit ATAR 65)
Yes – based on academic merit (ATAR 75 equivalent)
All UAC applicants qualify for this.
Yes – ATAR 95+ very competitive
MasterYes – based on academic merit (GPA equivalent 4.4/7.0)Yes – based on academic merit 5.25/7.0)
15 key courses automatically qualify for this in 2021
Yes – GPA equivalent 6.0/7.0) very competitive
  1. All bachelor students will receive a $3K multi-year scholarship
  2. Bachelor students with higher GPAs could qualify to receive $6K multi-year scholarship
  3. Scholarships offered for Nursing degrees too
  4. All UAC students will receive $6K multi-year scholarships
  5. Masters students in 15 postgraduate courses will receive a $6K multi-year scholarship
  6. Masters students receive a $3K or $6K multi-year scholarship depending on GPA

The scholarships program will also be available for 2022, using the same eligibility criteria.

  • Western Sydney University International College –Scholarships for  2021

Western Sydney University International College is offering a range of scholarships for students who wish to commence in Term 1, 2021 including:

  • 5 x 50% Western Wisdom Scholarships
    – 75% Academic Grade
    – A 500 word essay- How will a degree at Western Sydney University help your career prospects in the future?
  • 15 x $5,000.00 Bursaries
    – Applicable to students who miss out on a Western Wisdom Scholarship
  • Should you require any further information on the eligibility criteria, please contact our experts at Trans Globe. Our team of experts are always here to guide you and help you achieve your dream of studying in Australia.  So get in touch with us now


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