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Why Study in the USA in 2021?

With Joe Biden winning the presidential elections in the US and advent of highly effective covid-19 vaccines, is surely to be an encouraging time for International Students. More welcoming policies will come into force for overseas students and the US is likely to regain its position of being the topmost favourite country for high quality students around the world.

Below are the few considerations we recommend new prospective students targeting USA to bear in mind:

  1. Enrol yourself in the Spring Intake:

Students from the round the globe are recommended to enroll themselves in the spring intake, rather than waiting for the fall. 

This will help them secure their place at the university of their choice. Most of the prestigious universities in the U.S have seen a large number of students deferring their course of study in the past year due to the coronavirus.Thus, there are already qualified students at these top universities. If you are willing to do one semester online this spring (and many universities have rolled out exceptional virtual classroom offerings), you are likely to be accepted at universities that may not have space if you wait until Fall 2021.

  • Plan for an On-campus Fall Semester in the US:

Most universities in the US have managed to contain the spread of  the virus on their campus and are ready to welcome a large number of students in spring. We expect President-elect Biden to begin issuing executive orders soon after taking office that will re-open travel and re-staff U.S. consular offices so that plans can be made and visas can be issued well in advance of the Fall 2021 semester.

  • Improved Job Opportunities for International students in the U.S:

  Optional Practical Training (OPT) is temporary employment that is directly related to an   F-1 student’s major area of study. Optional Practical Training was initially going to be eliminated. However, recently the U.S. Senate voted to unanimously pass the Fairness for Highly Skilled Immigrants Act. The legislation will significantly benefit thousands   of international professionals working in the United States after receiving their degrees.

With the election of President Joe Biden, the US is surely going to re-emerge as the top study destination for international students both in terms of quality of education and work opportunities.

So if you are a prospective student, planning to study abroad in the US, look no further. Speak to our experts now and we will help you achieve your dreams. Book yourself a virtual one-to-one counselling or get in touch now. 

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