Tips to Crack your Student Visa Interview

If you thought that your process to study abroad is over with presenting your documents, finances, statement of purpose, and your merits, you are clearly wrong. There is one step which is a strong determinant factor to your visa application outcome. We are talking about the student visa interview. This is just the part of the process and there is no reason for you to be nervous about it. Let us guide you on how you can absolutely nail your student credibility interview orvisa interview:

Know why it is necessary:

The visa officials are majorly interested in your genuineness to study abroad, whether you are aware of your course and subject modules, you have sufficient financial resources for your tuition fees and living expenses in a foreign country, and whether or not you will return to India post the completion of your studies and your future career plans. If you are able to convince your interviewer on these points confidently, you can expect a positive outcome.

Basic Questions:

Do your research for basic question like why you chose that particular country, why not your home country, your personal introduction, your chosen university, your course details, its tuition fees and accreditation and so on.

Your Objective:

Throughout your interview, you need to establish the fact that your objective is to enhance your educational qualifications and nothing else. You don’t say other reasons such as finding work and permanent residency. That will shift from your genuineness of your student visa.

Be thorough about your Finances:

You need to provide accurate answers of how are you financing, who is sponsoring you, what is your financial status and whether you have enough roots in your home country. Educate yourself about all these factors and provide them with thorough answers.

Communication Skills:

Since the interview will be conducted in English, you need to ensure that you have a good command over the language. This is where your English language training can also help.

Carry Essential documents:

You will need to carry the basic documents to the counselor office such as your passport, academic documents and financial documents. Therefore, make sure you cross check all your documents before your interview.

Go well-researched:

Interviewers often ask questions relating to your university, your program, your place of stay, commuting and your tuition fees. These are just for them to know how well-researched you are. This is a good chance for you to show that you have done your homework.

How the program is important for your career:

Many students don’t do enough research on the career benefits of their programs and stick to generalized answers. But if you can be specific and relate your studies to your career, it will show how clear you are.

Exercise Interview etiquettes:

Some basic factors such as reaching before time, keeping a positive and engaged conversation throughout, politeness without being over-friendly, proper body language, greeting the interviewer and thanking them at the end, should all be followed. Follow these etiquettes regardless of whether the interview is in person, video or call.

Confidence is the key:

Getting nervous is pretty common for students but remember that if you are well-versed with all the above factors, there is no need to feel pressurized. You need to be confident about your answers and maintain a calm demeanor. Present yourself well and it can work wonders for you.

If you need more tips and preparation for your visa interview, out counselors at Trans Globe are always there to assist you.

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