The Complete Guide for Mastering SAT Vocabulary 2023

Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) is a standardized exam for numerous universities across the globe which comprises three sections; reading, math, and writing. There is an option for essays as well, which focuses on the students’ ability to think critically and communicate ideas through writing. SAT underwent a significant redesign in 2016 and unlike before, for SAT vocabulary, the exam no longer aims at students memorizing complex words but rather them knowing commonly-used words in context. SAT words have a medium-difficulty level and are tested in the context of reading passages. The type of vocab questions ranges from matching a word with its correct meaning to picking a single word or phrase in order to clarify part of a passage. The questions can also relate to writing and language. 

So how do you go through with SAT vocabulary practice? The key is to focus on strategies that correlate to the type of questions you’ll find on the test. It is practically impossible to memorize a dictionary. What you can rather do is integrate some practices in your everyday lifestyle to get better at your vocabulary each day. Also remember that developing vocabulary is always an ongoing process and it cannot be achieved overnight. Persistence is very crucial if you aim to reap the benefits of your hard work. 

The first and foremost thing you can do is read. Read books, materials, and literature to learn and practice vocabulary in context. You can also research previous SAT passages and look for reading materials through the same. But reading actively will help you learn new words through looking at the meaning, synonyms and so on. 

Using online tools and applications for vocabulary is also a very creative and productive way to improve your vocabulary. You can search online and you’ll be stunned to see that there are numerous applications through which you can learn new words and improve your overall grammar. There are applications that also allow you to watch videos to learn words, have in-built flashcards and also teach you the phonetic pronunciation of words. 

You can also do practice tests and start with a formative assessment to know where you stand in terms of your strengths and areas of improvement. This will also help you in tracking your progress and hone your skills wherever it is needed. There are many SAT vocabulary materials as well and to learn new words, you can make flash cards and go through them frequently. 

Study according to your learning style. Each individual is different in the manner through which they learn and memorize. You need to know the best way you comprehend your concepts and use that to develop your vocabulary. If you learn better by writing down, highlighting, or by speaking out loud, do so. There is no particular way to go through since the emphasis is on the outcome. 

With a strong determination and hard work from your end, acing your SAT vocabulary will be a very achievable dream. Hope this SAT Prep Guide helps you in developing a strategy to score well in vocabulary. As mentioned before, this needs to be a continuous process and ultimately, your language skills will help you in communication when you step in an English speaking country. For your SAT preparation, you can also visit us at Trans Globe and we can guide you through your examination plan and help you with your curriculum. Let us know how we can help!

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