Your Essential 10-Step Guide to Studying in the UK

UK has been a top contender for education amongst Indian students and globally; it is the second most popular country for international students. It has some of the best universities of the world and it is also the most attractive destination when it comes to arts and business courses. If you plan to Study in UK, this article is for you as we list down the step to step process that can aid you in going through with your plan.

Get some basic information of Studying in the UK: Firstly, whenever you plan to study abroad, get expert opinions and visit counselors and agents that can educate you about the basics of abroad study. They have experience and can give you valuable insights on the weather, cost, study environment, and university recognition and so on. 

Choose your subject: You need to at least have a decision of which field you want to study in and what is your passion. Subjects in the UK are different as compared to the ones offered in other countries and universities in UK also offer narrow specializations which can work in your favor. 

Choose the University: Rather than making a blind decision of studying in a particular university, understand which is the best university for your subject. Entry requirements are another consideration as many UK Universities have strict selection process and your academic records needs to meet the requirements. 

Know the costs: Consider all the costs of studying in UK such as your tuition fees, accommodation and living expenses, and travel expenses. You can retrieve this information from your agents but depending on whether you’re going for undergraduate or postgraduate, you will at least bear an amount between INR 15-25 lacs per year. This will also depend upon your location, your universities and your other expenses. 

English Exam: Regardless of whichever English-speaking country you choose, an IELTS or other English proficiency exam is a must for an international student. Ensure that you study and work on your communication skills as they hold considerable value when you apply for admission in the universities. 

Get your Documents Ready and Apply in your Universities: Some of the basic documents that you need while applying are your academics, English proficiency results, work experience, and your personal statement. Universities in the UK take time of one week to two months to give you an answer. It is also advised that you at least apply in 3-4 universities so that you have options. 

Get your Offer and accept: If the university finds your profile eligible, they will send you an unconditional offer. Accept the offer from your preferred university by paying a deposit to secure your place. You need to pay 20%-50% of your first year tuition fees and the university can confirm your admission. If the university needs more documents or has a few more steps, oblige to them and proceed with gathering your visa documents. 

Apply for a Visa: Fulfill all the information required by the embassy so that you can ensure a smooth visa application. Fill in all information and provide every document needed for the visa application process and apply for your visa. 

Accommodation: After making the application, book an accommodation you’d be most comfortable with such as student halls, shared houses and flats. Know your budget and make a choice based on your preferences.

Follow the pre-departure Guide: After making all the arrangements and the arrival of your visa, know what you need to pack, what you’ll need as an international student, such as the necessary documents, passports, bank cards, correspondence from the university and so on. 

With these steps, your dream of studying in UK can be easily fulfilled. All you need is some determination, goals and the courage to reach them. 

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